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Multiple Teams · JV Volleyball Defeats Ypsilanti

In tonight’s game our JV team struggled for no reason. Our opponent was not as strong of a team as the Indians, yet they were good “fighters,” which is something we could learn a little bit more about.

After a really slow start the Indians began loosing the first set with an eight point difference; although, we reacted and got quite close in the score, in fact we tied 22-22. Nevertheless, we could not finish that set and ended up loosing 22-25.
The beginning of the second set was completely different, our team had a great start having a 6 points lead over Ypsi. We won the second set 25-17. In the third and final set for the match, the battle was well fought by the two teams. The score stayed very close throughout the entire set, but it was Tecumseh who took advantage of some mistakes made from the other team to finally win the match 2 set to 1. The score for the final set was 25-23.
After this match, there are some things we need to keep working on, not about skills but mentality. We cannot pretend that we are going to win matches by simply stepping on the court, even when the opponent team seem not to be as strong. We need to respect every single team we face and beat them without compassion, that is the best way to respect the opponent.